Dr. BRENDAN MIMNAGH, from VIVA IRELAND, and Mr. Pat Mullins from Bothar Ireland visited the Livestock and Rural Development Center  (LRD) in Albania from 24-27 September 2018.

The purpose of their visit was the monitoring of the Bothar projects in Albania as well as the clarification of the import rules of animals from Ireland with the veterinary service of Albania.

They were accompanied by the staff of the LRD, during the monitoring visit in Peqini area in the framework of the project “Dairy cattle in support of poor family farms in the middle area of Albania ” and the meeting in the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development .

Dr. Brendan Mimnagh  and Mr.  Pat Mullins, responsible for the export of animals from Ireland to different countries, expressed their satisfaction with the progress of the  projects in Albania.

At a ceremony organized by the LRD, executive director Dr. Fejzo Begaj, honored friends from Ireland with the  Certifications of Gratitude for their Contribution to Support Livestock Development in Albania.

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