Alda – Jersey Albania, in cooperation with “Livestock and Rural Development” Center (LRD), and Elbasani Regional Agriculture Directory welcomed the European Jersey Forum (EJF) from September 27th to October 1st, 2018. In this framework were organized  professional activities and touristic visits in Albania, as well as the annual meeting of this forum.

In this activity participated 50 representatives of Jersey Cattle Breeder Associations from Denmark, Germany, Switzerland, England, Norway, and France as well as Jersey farmers and specialists from Albania.

These activities were part of the event “Days of Jersey Cattle Breed in Elbasani District”. In this case, in Dorez  (a village in Librazhdi area) was organized a fair of Jersey cattle breed. 40 heads of cows and heifers were exposed in the field.

Impressive were the visits of friends from Europe to Doresi village farmers’ families, as well as visits to “Bullari Brothers” farm in Cerrik, “Agri Alb” dairy factory in Sukth, and “Martini” cattle farm in Lezha.

European Jersey Forum (EJF) held the annual meeting at “Premium” hotel in Durres, where also participated four representatives of Alda – Jersey farmers’ association of Albania.

Activity was highly evaluated from the participants.

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