Project implementation organization:    “Livestock and Rural Development” Center (LRD)
Donator:                                                                  Lëviz Albania
Project implementation place
:        The project will implemented in – Lushnja Municipality, at Bubullimë, Kolonjë dhe Krutje Local

Administrative Units (LAU),   – Kuçova  Municipality, at  PerondiLAU and – Belshi  Municipality, at  Belshi                                                                          and  Kajanit LAU

Period:                     2017-2018

Project goal:  The goal of the project is to improve local government and agricultural services for farmers in Lushnje, Kucove and Belsh Municipalities and 6 Local Administrative Units (LAU)


Obj 1:  The project will monitor and promote the transfer of new functions given to municipalities for agriculture under the new law no. 139/2015 “FOR LOCAL SELF-GOVERNMENT” in Lushnja, Kucove and Belsh Municipalities and 6 LAUs.

Obj 2:  The project will raise awareness of farmers’ community through Farmers’ Associations on the importance of information and transparency for agriculture decisions, services and agricultural advice by 3 municipalities, and 6 LAUs

 Activities: List the activities of this project

– Mobilization of three Farmer Associations and their information about the project

– Monitoring meetings in three municipalities and  6 LAUs

– The data and the necessary information will be collected

– Processing of data and information will be perform  and  the study will be finalized

– The study will be published

– A survey/poll will be conducted

– It will be organize a forum with   participation  of wide range of  stakeholders

– A video will be prepared and will be broadcast on the Web of LRD and Face book

– 3 public debates will be organized in the local media

– One workshop will be organized and a document / regulations will be drafted, so that municipalities will realize the functions deriving from the Law on Local Self-Government and the transfer of functions from the line Ministry.

– Advocacy to undertake joint initiatives between Farmers’ Associations and LAUs.