On 12 September 2017, the Livestock and Rural Development Center (LRD) organized the Forum “Agriculture – Obligation and Responsibility of Local Government”. The forum was part of the activities of a project, which is being implemented in Lushnja, Kuçova, and Belsh municipalities with the support of the LevizAlbania Program.

The Forum aimed to present the findings of the Study conducted during 3 months in Municipalities of Lushnja, Kuçova and Belshi as well as a Survey conducted with members of Farmer Associations ” Myzeqeja “in Lushnje,” Osumi “in Kuçovë and” Dumrea “in Belsh on the transfer of functions for agriculture from central government to local  one as well as transparency and information on agricultural decisions, services and advice in project area.

The forum was attended by representatives from the Municipalities of Lushnja, Kuçova and Belshi, by  six Local Administrative Units, farmers’ associations and interest groups.

The forum was greeted by Executive Director of LRD,  Mr. Fejzo Begaj, by the representative of LevizAlbania Mrs. Oriada Tare, as well as representatives of Lushnja, Kuçova and Belshi Municipalities.

The participants discussed on the situation as well as the possibilities for addressing the problems.

The activity was covered through 4 Plus Radio Television in Lushnje.