Murtino village is part of Strumica commune in Eastern Macedonia, about 200 km (130 miles) from Skopje. Only 10-15% of the population is actually under regular employment in other activities. It is a traditionally agricultural area, especially in vegetables, forages and livestock. About 85-90% of the family live off the income they receive from work on their small scale farms. The level of income per person is about 15 Euro per month and about 80% of the families live at the minimum level of living standards.

The goal of the project is to improve social and economic situation of 30 poor families in the project area.

Fifteen Holstein pregnant heifers will be distributed to 15 poor farmer’s families in Murtino while 15 other families will benefit from Passing On the Gift. At the same time, the project will support in group organization, training, technical assistance and agriculture supplies.