Financed by: Open Society For Albania (OSFA)

Implemented by: “Livestock and Rural Development” Center (LRD) – Albania

Period: 2015

The project “Support for the group of farmers women in need and in disadvantaged status of Kurbini rural area” is developed in the municipality of Fushe-Kuqe – Kurbin.

The project aims to strengthen economic level, to improve the social status of rural women and to avoid rural women violence and victimization through inclusion and self-employment in livestock farm activities and marketing of local products.

The women farmers are the main beneficiary group. They are women in need who live in difficult social and economic conditions and are often victims of domestic violence. Rural women often become victims of economic poverty, cultural and mentality of the area. They provide food for the family’s needs, but through self-employment on the farm and brought to the market, women farmers will feel useful because they will provide income for the family.

The main activities of the project are:

The identified farmers women should improve their social and economic status in the family through their involvement with livestock breeding and marketing of livestock farm products by creating opportunities for their economic empowerment.

The farmers women will pay attention to hygiene, food safety, trading of products according to customers requirements and standards.

The involvement of farmers women in economic activities will serve as a successful model for other groups of women who are often victims of domestic violence.