The Vice village is located about 13-15 km from Tetovo, in the mountainous region of Sharri. The village is inhabited by about 150 families with 1400 residents, and an average of 7-8 persons per family. Most of the people are extremely poor, but they are still trying to make a living through agriculture and livestock. The infrastructure of the village, roads and the communications are very bad.

Employment opportunities are non-existent. There is an elementary school with 220 students. There is no doctor in the village, except for a doctor who comes twice a week and performs visits in the village school.

The project aims to improve the farmers families nutrition and increase family income of 40 families. Twenty heifers will be distributed to 20 families in Vice, while 20 new farmer’s families will benefit from the pass on animals. The farmer’s group will be supported by different inputs such as agriculture supply, horticulture, and training. The project will also strengthen the cooperation within the farmer’s community.