The project improves economic conditions of Kalushi farmer’s community in Kavaja region. The region is poor, even though it is situated on the best cultivated soil in Albania. Families have 4-6 children while most of the families live with $2 per person per day. This project supports 40 family farmers of Kalush by providing one Holstein heifer for each family. The beneficiary families are supported with training, technical assistance and agriculture supply. Passing on the gift philosophy will increase the number of beneficiary families with 40 new farmer’s families, while the project contributes with training and technical assistance for the development of their small dairy farms.

The project goal is improvement of the social and economic conditions of Kalushi farmer’s community. The project implementation will be focused in income increase through sale of dairy products and meat, breed improvement through increase of the number of pure breed heifers in the community. The trainings, agricultural supplies and veterinary and technical assistance provide the opportunity to advance the farmer’s expertise in animal husbandry and farm management.