Project holder: Livestock and Rural Development Center (LRD)
Donator: Elevages sans Fronter France
Location: Vlora Region
Period: 2013-2016

This project will be implemented in Vlora region, south Albania.
The objective of the project is to improve economic status of 75 families in project area through increasing the number of goats per farm, breed improvement of local goats, goats’ farm management and improving milk processing and marketing of goat’s products.

In the frame of this project 240 young alpine goat and 20 bucks, will be donated to 75 poor families. Male kids will be used to improve approximately 1500 local goats in project area in 15 other family flocks.
The project will support project participants with trainings, technical and veterinary assistance, medicaments, vaccines as well as milking equipment and processing.

The project will help the farmers’ community to produce more milk per farm, to improve quality, processing practices and marketing of products as well as in marketing live alpine goats market.

This project will create a genetic nucleus of Alpine goats for the needs of the south region of Albania, known as traditional region for goats breeding and as touristic area.

The project will be supported from Elevage Sains Frontieres and implemented from LRD Albania in collaboration with community group.