On 29th November, 2015 through the port of Durres, arrived 116 pregnant goats of Sana and Alpine milk breeds donated from Bothar Ireland. Goats were distributed to the families in rural areas of Kavaja and Peqint under the terms of the project.
On 07th December, 2015 arrived at the port of Durresi in Albania, 46 Holstein pregnant heifers donated from Bothar Ireland. Heifers were distributed to the families in the rural areas of Kucova and Lushnja according to the specifications of the project.
The animals were distributed randomly (by lottery), in the presence of all beneficiaries, leaders of farmers groups and the association.
In the distribution of goats participated the Mayor of Peqini Mr. Sajmir Hasalla.
Livestock and Rural Development Centre and Bothar Ireland have a 5-year cooperation agreement to support farm families in rural areas of Albania.