Project holder: Livestock and Rural Development Center (LRD)
Donator: Bothar Irelands
Location: Kucova Region
Period: 2016-2018
Project aims to improve the lives of orphan children and create possibilities for their education through supporting their family to increase income.
Project will support of 40 poor family farmers in project areas who have/care for orphan children to development of cattle and goats family farms.
In frame work of this project 40 families will benefits Holstein cows and dairy goats Also project will support families with agriculture inputs, training and technical assistance.
Meanwhile the project participants will improve skills and knowledge on cattle and goat’s production (milk and meat/kids) through training and technical assistance provided from LRD Center.
Trainings session will focus on cattle and goat breeding and management, feeding and reproduction, disease prevention, goat’s milk value chain, milk processing and marketing.
To ensure sustainability of the project, the farmers’ community will be assisted to develop the farms according to their resources and to strengthening the farmers groups.
The project will be supported from Bothar Ireland and implemented from Livestock and Rural Development Center (former Heifer Albania) in collaboration with Farmer Association.