The project “Biodiversity Conservation through increased community awareness and capacity in the breeding of local goat “Capore Dragobia “

Purpose: To preserve biodiversity through the cultivation of the local breed “Capore e Dragobisë” as an alternative source to increase income for local communities.

Project implementation region: Valbona region (Valbonë, Dragobi, Motinë, Këlcyrë, Rragam, Gjelaj, Quku i Dunishës)

Period: April 2012 – April 2014

In Albania, local ecotypes of goats and sheep constitute a high value heritage, which must be preserved and further improved. Local goats in Albania are still the main source of milk and meat. “Capore e Dragobise” is one of the ecotypes of goats which is considered endangered, as their population is very small (there are about 2000 goats and 250 (goats) throughout Albania). Milk production is 100-120 l/goat, and fertility is about 120%. This goat has been managed in the northern part of Albania for centuries, it is kept on small farms, and produces milk mainly for family consumption. Increasing consumer demand for goat milk and its by-products has led goat breeders to focus on breeding local breeds and their crossbreeding with goats of cultivated breeds.

This ecotype, through good breeding programs and genetic improvements, has the opportunity to become competitive in the market at regional and national level, preserves biodiversity, diversifies household incomes, supports agro-tourism, provides employment opportunities.

LRD, through the implementation of the project realized: The study of the morphological performance of the breed “Capore of Dragobia”, preservation and improvement of productivity of this animal in farm conditions, stimulation of the rural economy in the region to ensure sustainable management of natural resources.