Gryka village is situated in western Albania. The region is poor, even though it is situated on the Myzeqeia lowland indicated as the granary of Albania. Agriculture, especially livestock, is the main source of income. Lack of infrastructure makes life and farming difficult in the area. Unemployment, emigration and very low income are main problems in the area. About 40% of the people live under the official level of poverty and are unemployed.

This project improves the economic and social conditions of Gryka community by supporting farmers in development of dairy farms. Aiming improvement of family income and creation of opportunities for self-employment, the project supports 30 farmer’s families of Gryka community with 30 Holstein heifers donated by Bothar Ireland. The beneficiary families are supported with training, technical assistance and agriculture supplies. In additional, 30 other families benefit from passing on the gift, receiving one pure breed heifer from the families initially involved in the project.