Started in year 2001 as the 2nd phase of APFDP/HPI project, expanding in 17 communities in 7 districts. This project has improved milk and meat production and the family farm income and nutrition. The project is focused also on increasing forage yield, controlling erosion, and passing on purebred rams to other families. The main activities are aiming at
to granting one pure breed Chios ram to each family and increasing the number of assisted families by passed-on animals
to improving the nutrition of farm families by increasing the milk and meat production from sheep flocks.
to increasing family farm income by selling excess milk and meat in the local markets.
to improving the environment through the use of manure for fertilizer and agricultural by-products as feed for the animals in an attempt to curb the overgrazing of pastures.

Heifer Albania has also organized training of farmers in collaboration with the livestock extension service, Husbandry Research Institute and Agricultural University of Tirana. Training sessions have covered the following topics: HPI Cornerstones, sheep management, sheep breeding, livestock health, shelter construction, forage and pasture management, marketing of products, leadership training, farm management, record-keeping, and human nutrition.