Project Holder:     Livestock and Rural Development Center (LRD).

Project support:   Bothar – Ireland Foundation

Country where the project will be implemented:       Albania;  Perondi and Karina villages

Duration:     3 years    (2021-2024)


Project aim is to improve the feeding/ lives and income of poor families in project areas through developing small scale (family) goat’s farm. Project will support 50 poor families with 140 dairy young goats.

Also, project will support beneficiary families with few medicament (vaccines, minerals etc.), trainings, veterinary and technical assistance. Project will improve nutrition and increase income of families in proposed communities, as the result will improve children health and farmers’ families as a whole; children will have the opportunity to go to school, etc.

Project participants will improve their skills and knowledge on dairy goat’s breeding and improves the quality of goats breed in project area through a training package and technical assistance. Training’s sessions will focus on goats breeding and management, feeding and reproduction, disease prevention and milk quality, home processing of milk in cheese and curds.

To ensure sustainability of the project, farmers’ communities will be assisted to develop the farms according to their resources and strengthening the farmers groups.