One training, with representatives from the “Myzeqeja Farm” association, members of the LRD staff, and representatives of the Faculty of Veterinary, was held in Lushnje, under the “Support for the Development of Small Dairy Farms” project. Its purpose was: Demonstration of milk sampling/taking method for analysis. Trainer was Prof. Ass.Fatmira Shehu from Faculty of Veterinary. In training, farmers discussed on analyzes that are planned to be carried out in the Faculty of Veterinary and Institute of Food Safety and Veterinary in Tirana, as following:
• Microbial load
• Somatic cells
• Physico chemical indicators of milk: dry matter, fat, protein, lactose, minerals, density, water, etc.
• Antibiotic residues
• The level of aflatoxin
• The presence of pesticides and heavy metals
• Infections of prituberculosis and brucellosis
It was demonstrated the way of milk sampling/taking method. Sterile containers for milk sampling were distributed to the farmers.