At the office of the ‘Livestock and Rural Development” Center were presented the results of the survey conducted under the ‘Support for the development of small scale dairy farms in the lowlands of Albania’ project, which is being implemented in the districts of Kavaja, Lushnje, Fieri, (Suk Strume and Topoje), Lezhe, Peqin and Kuçove.
This activity takes place in the framework of the third objective of the project, which is focused on the improving of knowledge and practical skills of specialists and farmers in the project area. Through this survey were identified and promoted the problems of new technologies and quality of milk, in order to improve them to meet the standards in the farms. The survey included 85 farms and 620 cows and heifers of Holshtein breed.
The survey is focused on a number of indicators, as follows:
– General information on 85 farms selected under the project and data about Holstein dairy
cows bred in them.
– Data for stables (type of construction, building materials, ways of drinking water and
food intake, the distance to the housing, the environment, etc.)
– Supporting facilities (maternity, profilaktore, deposits of silage, hay deposits, food
processing facilities, manure management, management of urine)
– Milk, factors that affect the quality and its conservation ways and marketing.
– Providing and breeding of the new generation in farms.
– Food supply and nutrition of animals.
– Mechanical tools, aggregates and other farm equipment.
– Engagement of women and youth in farming activities
The LRD staff, representatives of the “Technologies Transfer Center” in Tirana, representatives of project farmer groups, and livestock specialists, participated in the meeting.